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Specialty Coffee Roasted in Morocco

Flavor Wheel

SCAA Flavor Wheel

The SCAA flavor wheel gives a shared vocabulary to talk about the flavors and aromas present in specialty coffee. This flavor wheel shares many similarities with tools developed for the wine industry.

Coffee beans can have many different flavors, and there are many factors that determine what the final cup of coffee tastes like. Every step from the farm to the roaster to the final preparation method can alter or entirely change the flavors present in a given coffee.

Coffee Drinker’s Flavor Wheel

With 116 possible outcomes, the SCAA Flavor Wheel can be cumbersome to use, especially for people who are just starting to explore the world of specialty coffee.

This simplified flavor wheel, known as the Coffee Drinker’s Flavor Wheel, was developed by a roaster and cafe in Antwerp Belgium. It narrows the gap between professional coffee tasters and casual coffee drinkers.

It filters down the complex flavors that can be found in coffee down to only six primary attributes: Nuts, Chocolate, Floral, Sweet Fruit, Bright Fruit, and Spices and Herbs